TRACKtech + Cisco Solutions

The integration of TRACKtech with Cisco delivers a comprehensive, efficient,
and extensible
solution to sought-after public safety and human services
verticals within organizations and entities that Cisco desires to monetize.

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The corrections industry is moving towards mobile technology solutions for case management and video teleconferencing for remote supervision.

With mobile technology, TRACKtech focuses on behavioral health actionable insights and evidence-based programming, improving compliance and accountability as well as enhancing public safety and reducing recidivism and relapse.

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Those suffering from substance abuse, addiction, mental health issues, and homelessness could greatly benefit from behavioral health support.

The option for video teleconferencing with their support group and resources available from their mobile phone, rehabilitation is possible.

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Leveraging video teleconferencing for remote supervision and rehabilitation removes any lapse in monitoring for agencies while adhering to COVID-19 safety and compliance protocols.

While the world is forming what a post-pandemic society looks like, TRACKtech was built for mobile supervision and is able to enhance agencies needs during this time.