COVID-19 Self-Disclosure Tool™
Powered by mTreatment

COVID-19 has damaged our nation’s health and economy, exposing gaps in our public health
infrastructure. It disproportionately harms our most vulnerable populations,  including racial and ethnic
minorities, people with disabilities, and people with compromised immune systems.

Our goal is to enable increased travel and activity during the new normal while protecting people who are still at high risk for
COVID-19. This is a cost-effective, ready-to-implement approach to contact tracing that can reach priority populations all over the state.

Personal privacy and protecting your information is extremely important to us. We de-identify your information
and use it only for notifications that you opt-in for or to provide reports on the current state of the virus. We believe that
contact tracing should not, intentionally or otherwise, compromise any individual’s Constitutional right to privacy.
Our system will not transmit, store, or access data in any manner that is not in accordance with this principle.

About mTreatment

mTreatment connects you to your health through an easy and interactive web portal. Accessing
all of your health care data can be difficult to remember and spread out, that’s why mTreatment aims to bring
it all together in a single portal that simplifies access to your data from both the patient and provider side.

Their COVID-19 Self-Disclosure tool is a Contact Tracing tool to help governments and employers
to help open our society in a safe and responsible way.