Emotional and Behavioral Disorders

COVID-19 Crisis: How To Support Your Recovery and Mental Health

The coronavirus crisis has already taken a toll on an individual’s mental health and addictions. While being self-quarantined, we encourage you to stick to your recovery plan with the help of online resources, including the following.

RECOVERY DHARMA ONLINE – https://recoverydharma.online/
Recovery Dharma Online organizes daily meetings accessible via computer, smartphone, or dial-in. Together we meditate, study Buddhist teachings, and support each other on our paths to sobriety and peace.

SOBER RECOVERY FORUMS – https://www.soberrecovery.com/forums/
Your guide to alcoholism drug addictions help and information. SoberRecovery.com is a community of over 168,000 recovering alcoholics, recovering addicts, recovering co-dependents and their friends, family and loved ones.

IN THE ROOMS – https://www.intherooms.com/home/live-meetings/
In The Rooms hosts over 130 live video meetings every week for AA, NA, SAA, CPA, ACA and CODA.

ANXIETY – 7 science-based strategies to cope with coronavirus anxiety.

DOMESTIC VIOLENCE – Create a safety plan.

John Hopkins University has a COVID-19 Resource Center to help answer all your coronavirus questions.

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