Justice Reform

How the NFL is Inspiring Change

The NFL’s new campaign, Inspire Change, is tackling necessary improvements in communities, whether that be through the need for local resources or to help foster positive relationships. These are two examples of the many issues they are battling to change. The NFL recognizes that people have different meanings when it comes to social justice. It defines theirs as being “committed to conversations and actions that move us towards a more equal and just tomorrow”. That is why they launched Inspire Change in January of 2019. 


Inspire Change is a “platform to showcase the collaborative efforts of players, owners and the League to create positive change in communities across the country and ensure that equal opportunity becomes a reality for all”. The platform works with the Players Coalition, NFL teams and the League office to support programs and initiatives that reduce barriers to opportunity in society. It is focusing on three priority areas that include education and economic advancement, police and community relations and criminal justice reform. Funding is provided from the League, clubs and players. 


Just like the Inspire Change platform, TRACKtech is dedicated to reforming the criminal justice system and impacting social justice. Through our rehabilitative resources, we strive to help at-risk populations such as justice involved individuals, the homeless population and addicts become healthy members of society. Our online case management system and TRACKphone allow for case managers to monitor and support program members by checking in with them regularly through biometric identification and video conferencing. With behavioral health resources, TRACKtech is working to make a difference in peoples lives and working towards the same positive changes as Inspire Change.